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Welcome to The MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis Program (MC3) page. The MC3 Program is a voluntary marketing label designed to ensure customer and patient confidence in your growing practices. To comply, all aspects of your operation pertaining to our standards must be verifiable through an audit process. This audit process consists of an MC3 system plan, review of plan, record keeping analysis, on-site inspection, and ultimately a certification decision. This process occurs on an annual basis.

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The deadline for applications is June 30, 2018 for this growing season. 

Applications must be received with the following forms linked below, along with any other information deemed necessary to verify your growing practices.        Please note: All forms are required to complete your application.

Fee Sheet
Producer Endorsement
Pre-Application Checklist
Basic Application
Indoor Grow (if applicable)
Outdoor Grow (if applicable)
Materials List
Field History Form for Outdoor Grow

MOFGA Certification Services (MCS) is a single member LLC owned by MOFGA and has been charged with administering the Clean Cannabis program. Our office can be reached at 207-568-6030 or

For more information about the MC3 program, please contact us: