Certifying Livestock

PLEASE NOTE: The 2018 forms are not yet available. We will have them published on the website after January 1st. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Below are the forms required to certify livestock.  Please read about each one carefully.  

If you intend to certify an organic dairy herd, please contact our office and ask to speak with Katie Webb.  We will send you the forms you need after we discuss with you the requirements and the different ways to achieve a certified organic dairy herd.

  1. Certification Application 2017
  2. Livestock Supplement.  Use this form is you are certifying ruminant slaughter stock including beef, sheep, or goats.
  3. Non-Ruminant Livestock Supplement.   Use this form is you are certifying slaughter stock such as pigs or rabbits.  Management of these species do not require compliance with the organic pasture standard, which makes for a shorter form.
  4. Poultry Supplement.  Use this form for certifying birds–chickens, ducks, geese, turkey–for meat and eggs.
  5. Dairy Supplement–Please call 568-6035 or email kwebb@mofga.org
  6. Farm Plan.  Most livestock operations will also need to complete an organic farm plan because they grow livestock feed and/or manage crop land for pasture or forage.  If you are certifying other crops such as vegetables you may have already downloaded this from.  You only need to complete it once.  Be sure you also consider how you manage pasture, hayland and grain crops when you complete this form.
  7. Animal List
  8. Crop Supplement
  9. Material List
  10. Field History Form 2017
  11. Landowner Affidavit
  12. Organic Producers Endorsement
  13. Applicant Fees Form

Please be sure to also read our guidance documents, all of which are located in our Practice Manual.  This is a 94-page PDF to read online or to download.  If you prefer, you can receive a paper copy in the mail for $10, plus any forms you may need.  Call 568-6030 to order.

Mail your application and fee to MOFGA Certification Services, POB 170, Unity, ME 04988.  If your livestock operation involves the growing of crops (hay, corn etc.) please be aware that we cannot issue a certificate for a crop after it is harvested. In these cases the application deadline will be the same as for crops applications – June 30.

Thank you for choosing MOFGA Certification Services.