How much does it cost?

Our Fee Schedule for Service

Certification fees are based on gross income from sale of organic products for the calendar year (Jan – Dec).  Our one fee schedule for all clients is below.


There is an additional $75 one-time new applicant fee.
Fee covers the cost of the organic inspection.
Fee covers the cost of one certification scope (crops, livestock, processing/handling, or wild crop).  If your annual income from organic sales exceeds $60K, you will be charged an additional $150.00 per scope.  Open our 2018 Applicant Fee Form HERE.

Cost Share and Your Actual Out-of-Pocket Expense for Certification

The federal government reimburses certified growers and handlers 75% of their certification costs, to a maximum of $750 per certification scope.   To further offset the cost of certification for small organic producers and processor/handlers, MOFGA offers a rebate to those MOFGA Certification Services clients who gross less than $10K per year in organic sales.

Newly certified operations, or currently certified operations who have had a change of name or address, must file the W-9 form with the state in order to receive the reimbursement. For further instruction click here.

The table below illustrates the out-of-pocket expense for certifying a single scope operation, such as a direct-market vegetable farm.  For a more expansive explanation of cost share and out-of-pocket expenses click here for a PDF.