Pesticide Licensing Reminder

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In the spring of 2011, the Maine Legislature passed a law mandating that any grower who annually sells more than $1,000 worth of plants or plant products intended for human consumption and who uses any general use pesticides, including those approved for use in organic production, be licensed by April 1, 2015. To clarify who will need a license, the BPC recently developed a policy to address common questions. Note that growers who do not use any pesticides on their crops in the field but do use a sanitizer in wash water will need to go through the licensing process.

There are two ways to obtain a license. Growers can attend a training and testing session and then apply for the license after passing the test. Upcoming training opportunities are listed on the BPC website.  Alternatively, growers can obtain a training manual from their local Cooperative Extension office, study on their own at home and then return to the Cooperative Extension office to take the test. MOFGA’s upcoming winter Growers Meetings will be held at Cooperative Extension offices throughout the state in an effort to make this testing option easily accessible.  Growers should direct questions about testing options to Gary Fish ( or 207-287-2731). If you are an organic grower who is having difficulty obtaining a license, or would be interested in attending a training and testing at MOFGA in Unity, please let us know by contacting Katy Green ( or 207-568-4142).


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